Sustainable Development Foundation (A unit of Ek Kaam Desh Ke Naam), a non-government, non-funded, organization, working for social upliftment of the society since 2007, with a vision to bring change in the national scenario.

We believe that great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day. With this thought we have initiated various projects in the area of women safety and women upliftment, promotion of higher education amongst youth, free education to the children from slums and tree plantation for Pollution Free State.

We observed huge untapped intellect in slums and realised the need for enabling them to be the nation's strength. With this thought we started motivating them for higher education by giving scholarship to meritorious students. Further we comprehended that we must be the catalyst in bridging the gap between corporate and the youth and took a decision of holding Exceed Awards. The Exceed award was conceived with the objective of mobilizing funds from corporate towards the neglected youth from the marginal society. EKDKN's activities are presently focused on the following five major sectors, which are, indeed, vital for the development & growth of our country:

  • I. Occupation Health & Safety
  • II. Environment
  • III. Corporate Social Responsibility
  • IV. Human Resources
  • V. Renewable Energy

Our Objectives

  • To Promote the Intellectuals and Entrepreneurs of the Country for their contribution towards the society and to promote trade and commerce of the country.
  • To bring the people together from all walks of life and from different geographical areas to hold meetings for promoting understanding and goodwill amongst themselves.
  • To organize Meetings, Seminars, Workshops, get-together programs Conferences, Symposia etc. in respect of Indian Economy. Industrialization, Entrepreneurship, Business Service and such allied subjects as also public awareness on social issues.
  • To arrange visits different delegations to friendly countries to meet people in all fields and vocations for the progress of nation. The Society also promotes, encourages and give recognition to the corporate of the Society for excellent performance in their respective fields.
  • Society is associated with the publication of leading Souvenir namely EKDKN.
  • To promote literacy, cultural and other social activities by awareness programs, employment to weaker section ladies, scholarship to school students, women self defence etc.
  • To recognize and honor the individuals and organizations / Associations for their outstanding contribution in the field of social development.
  • To receive financial and non-financial assistance from Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations, international agencies, bank and any other legal entity or individual.
  • To accept donations, grants, and other offerings in the shape of movable and /or immovable properties for the attainment of the aims and objects of the Organisation.
  • To provide food, clothes, shelter (temporary / permanent), medicines and other required help/facilities and assistance for relief to the people who have faced the natural calamities and / or the disaster such as flood, fire, famine, cyclone, earth quake, storm, accident, pestilence, drought, epidemic, unbearable cost of living and also like to give donations, subscriptions or contributions to institutions, establishments, centers or persons doing relief work on such occasion.
  • Our team comprises of educationists, development professionals, media personnel, corporate, workers, activists, PhDs, MBAs, CAs, corporate professionals, consultants, who all bring their experiences and perspectives to the organization and are unified by the common vision of improving the future of children.


Ek Kaam Desh Ke Naam (EKDKN) envisions to organize and conduct public awareness programs on social issues, to recognize and honors the individuals, organizations & associations for their outstanding contribution in socio-economic development, to provide help and assistants by encouraging individuals ,organizations and corporate against the disasters and natural calamities.


The mission of the EKDKN is based on practical consideration and realistic vision. Its mission is to inspire individuals and communities and corporate to use technology for our kid’s advantages. To enable communities to be aware and conscious of the utility and necessity to using technology for their upliftment and empowerment

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