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All the countries are facing increasing threat of climate change, pollution, deforestation, disasters, land use change, biodiversity and ecosystem services losses, environmental health diseases & epidemics and impinging challenges of socio economic inequalities and development. Increased anthropogenic activities have further escalated the magnitude of these environmental losses. We are witnessing the most severe environmental crisis ever in the history of the Earth. Chances are ripe that if nothing is done soon enough to address these looming environmental challenges, we may be soon facing an existential crisis of life on this planet. This Conference would provide such a platform for active deliberations among various stakeholders and would aim to produce actionable suggestions for the policy makers. The main focus would be to build capacities on best practices on affordable, alternative solutions, sustainable and clean energy, pollution control and management, restoration of ecosystem services, cure & prevention of environmental health diseases, affordable and sustainable spatial planning techniques and sustainable transport systems.

Agenda of Conference

  • Sustainable Development– Issues, Strategies & Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Natural Resource Management in Industries to achieve sustainability.
  • Circular Economy, Corporate Social responsibility for Sustainable Development.


EKDKN’s “Sustainable Development Council” is organising 7th EXCEED Environment Award and Conference on the Theme: “Sustainable Environment Summit” on 8th May 2020 at Chandigarh, Punjab. An award is given to an organization to recognize their excellence in a certain field; a certificate of excellence. An award gives a positive impact on overall Organization and brings new business opportunities. Winning an award allows you to distinguish your company from competitors. Also raise awareness of your brand in the Market. They can attract new customers and investors by giving organization an edge over its competitors.


Conferences are platforms where leanings, understanding and knowledge get developed in participation with others. Social learning occurs through conversations about content and through proceeded interactions and engagement with others.

Leading expert both from the governments and private sector companies are jury members of EKDKN who decide the awards.

  • No matter how experienced one is at your business, everyone can learn. In the conference, one gets to expose to new ways of conducting business and learn to discover how to be more productive.
  • Industry conferences provide a great opportunity to network and to learn from best practices. Most people can help each other uncover ideas and spark inspiration.
  • It helps to discover innovative products and services for the business necessary to stay competitive in today’s fast paced world.
  • When you are active in your industry, you can develop a reputation as an expert to your peers and your clients. Those who are engaged over the long term are often asked to speak at the events and to write articles for their industry publications.


All Large, Medium, Small & Micro Scale Industries, Companies / Organization and their Units, Academic Institution, are eligible for participation in this Award.

Application Fee

Category Early Bird Fee : Upto 29th February 2020 Standard Fee : Upto 14th April 2020
Corporate 35,000 + GST@18% = Rs. 41,300/- 40,000 + GST@18% = Rs. 47,200/-

Nomination Requriements

Submit the hard copy (in a Spiral Binding Form) & Soft copy of Application (CD/ Pen Drive) with the relevant / supporting documents latest by 30th November 2019.


Rapid industrialization, urbanization and exploitation of natural resources have led to the destruction of environment. Need of the hour is to rethink about the development which should be sustainable in nature. Keeping this in mind, ‘Sustainable Environment Summit’ has been organized to discuss the various issues like environment preservation, use of green/cleaner technologies, mitigation for climate change, resource efficiency, energy conservation, proper water usage, waste management, circular economy, sustainability etc. for the sustainable development of the environment. Various measures adopted by the industries for the development of sustainable environment including their contributions and efforts made to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) will be discussed in the conference.

The conference will be attended by the policy makers, administrators, industrialists, academicians, scholars, NGOs and many more to discuss and through light on the sustainable environment for the better future. It is anticipated that sharing of the rich experience of the industrialists and experts on the subject during ‘Sustainable Environment Summit’ will surely pave the way for sustainable environment.


Category Standard Fee : Upto 10th December 2019
One Delegate Rs. 7,000 + GST @18% = Rs. 8,260/-
Two Delegate Rs. 12,000 + GST @18% = Rs. 14,160/-
Three Delegate Rs. 18,000 + GST @18% = Rs. 21,240/-
Four Delegate Rs. 24,000 + GST @18% = Rs. 28,320/-
Five Delegate Rs. 30,000 + GST @18% = Rs. 35,400/-
Payment Option

Demand Draft payable at New Delhi or Multicity Cheque drawn in favour of “EK KAAM DESH KE NAAM” or Electronic Fund Transfer Branch Code: 100022, For details, please e-mail to : info@ekdkn.in

Bank Details : A/c No.: 00221131002217, Bank: Oriental Bank of Commerce, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi-110015

Bank Charges : To be borne by remitter.


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Shri. O P Babbar


Shri. Rajiv Babbar


Ms. Pranavi Luthra


Shri. Niraj Sethi

Conference Chairman

Shri. Hirak Dutta

Conference Advisor

Dr. P.B. Rastogi

Conference Chairman

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