EKDKN’s “Sustainable Development Foundation” is organising 7th EXCEED Environment Award and Conference on the Theme: “Sustainability in Post-Covid Environment” on 20th August 2020. An award is given to an organization to recognize their excellence in a certain field; a certificate of excellence. An award gives a positive impact on overall Organization and brings new business opportunities. Winning an award allows you to distinguish your company from competitors. Also raise awareness of your brand in the Market. They can attract new customers and investors by giving organization an edge over its competitors.


The role of Awards and Recognition cannot be underestimated in any field as it helps in the following ways:

  • It helps the employees to remain committed in giving their best. It drives them to work hard as they know that their diligence will get rewarded.
  • It also helps in gaining and retaining of top talent. The realization that their talent and abilities are acknowledged and awarded, gives the employees a reason to remain in the company for longer.
  • Awards and Recognitions also serve as a vehicle for promotion of business through public relation activities and marketing.
  • It will benefit for getting support from statutory compliances.
  • It gives brand image.
  • Due to competitive environment everyone wants to show best practices in their field.
  • Getting awards helps the company to get sanction for the govt projects.


All Large, Medium, Small & Micro Scale Industries, Companies / Organization and their Units, Academic Institution, are eligible for participation in this Award.

Application Fee

Category Early Bird Fee : Upto 15th March 2020 Standard Fee : Upto 14th April 2020
Corporate 35,000 + GST@18% = Rs. 41,300/- 40,000 + GST@18% = Rs. 47,200/-

Nomination Requriements

Submit the hard copy (in a Spiral Binding Form) & Soft copy of Application (CD/ Pen Drive) with the relevant / supporting documents latest by 30th November 2019.


Sustainable Development Foundation is constituted to think about the development which should be sustainable in nature. Encouraged with the ‘Conference on Sustainable Development’ organized on 25th March, 2019, ‘Sustainable Environment Summit’ has been planned to discuss the various issues like environment preservation, use of green/cleaner technologies, mitigation for climate change, resource efficiency, energy conservation, proper water usage, waste management, circular economy, sustainability etc. for the sustainable development of the environment. Various measures adopted by the industries for the development of sustainable environment including their contributions and efforts made to achieve sustainable development will be discussed in the conference.


Category Standard Fee : Upt30th April 2020
One Delegate Rs. 7,000 + GST @18% = Rs. 8,260/-
Two Delegate Rs. 12,000 + GST @18% = Rs. 14,160/-
Three Delegate Rs. 18,000 + GST @18% = Rs. 21,240/-
Four Delegate Rs. 24,000 + GST @18% = Rs. 28,320/-
Five Delegate Rs. 30,000 + GST @18% = Rs. 35,400/-
Payment Option

Demand Draft payable at New Delhi or Multicity Cheque drawn in favour of “EK KAAM DESH KE NAAM” or Electronic Fund Transfer Branch Code: 100022, For details, please e-mail to :

Bank Details : A/c No.: 00221131002217, Bank: Oriental Bank of Commerce, Kirti Nagar, New Delhi-110015

Bank Charges : To be borne by remitter.

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